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​My current work is a synthesis of photography and digital painting, an artistic process that explores the aesthetics of the natural landscape. The colors are intensified and the forms are abstracted to express the mystical qualities one experiences while absorbed in the beauty of nature. My favorite subject is the beautiful Texas Hill Country. I spend many weekends enjoying the splendor of Texas State Parks.


The “River” series was made using a favorite photo of the beautiful Guadalupe River in Texas. From the original image I digitally “painted” more than a dozen variations with different surface textures and colors. Discreet areas were carefully selected and refined making each reworked image a separate, unique creation.


The “Roads” series consists of digital photographs taken at sunset or daybreak. Produced by using slow shutter speeds while traveling in a moving vehicle they incorporate the elements of time and space with the light and colors of the landscape. High contrasts of dark and light tones with touches of the saturated warm and cool colors of sunrise create a minimalist scene of a moment captured in time. The resulting images invite the viewer to engage intimately with a dynamic moment in the environmental milieu.

"Forest-bathing" and "Flower Power" are the most recent series. They celebrate the beneficial effects of spending time in nature. The digital paintings are based on computer-enhanced photographs I took in scenic areas of Texas. The finished images are printed on aluminum or canvas. I hand-paint with oil over the prints on canvas. Each is a limited edition series of 10.

Works from this current series have been included in more than fifty regional and national exhibitions and have received many awards. They are included in several hospitals, health centers and corporate environments.  I was one of ten local artists to be included in the San Antonio Department of Cultural and Creative Development’s 2016 Public Artist Mentorship Program and I was a featured artist at San Antonio’s Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festivals in 2017 and 2018.  I won the 2017 Texas Governor’s Committee on Disability’s artist award and my work was featured on posters that were distributed to 2500 state agencies.

There have been many scientific studies regarding the healing effects of simply being in wild and natural areas. These include stress reduction, increase in immune systems, mental performance, creativity and better mood. I hope that a similar effect can be produced through experiencing art works that display the beauty of nature.


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